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Individual Self-Massage and Stretching Programs

I am so grateful and fortunate to know the language of the body. How it it goes together and how it falls apart. I am called to share this knowledge with my patients daily. Giving them the tools; showing them how it works, explanations and comparisons lead to a more robust body awareness and when we can get the brain involved that’s when the magic really starts. From here we can build new patterns of awareness, re wire our daily postures and really begin to listen to our bodies.

Whats involved

Connect via the contact form on this site to reserve a time and ask questions. An online case history will be sent out to you and we are ready to begin!

30 minute Live Conference via Zoom, Whatsapp, Facebook – Here i will be able to do a visual assessment, review your range of motion and make a plan.

What to Expect

This includes but is not limited to…

1. General questionnaire about onset duration location etc….

2. Visual Assessment includes standing against a wall or a neutral back round. Some snug clothing with out shoes or slippers is ideal.

3. Range of Motion is where we look at how your body is moving. can you lift your arms in all planes? ( front, side, back?) Based on the initial questionnaire I will be able to isolate some of the muscles that are causing pain discomfort or decreased range at the joint.

4. Self Massage Techniques are very effective. Using anatomy, imagery and juicy descriptions, you will learn to identify tissue, muscles, trigger points, and boney landmarks.

5. Stretching for your body. In my experience there is some confusion around stretching. Most people have lots of questions about when and why and how to stretch.

6. 3 exercises to review. At the end of our session we will review 3 Massage, Stretch, Strengthen exercises for you to practice. Notes can be sent out post treatment if you loose your way just reach out I’m here for support!

Everyone is different, your health is individual and so is your self massage and stretching program.

Pay What You Can
It is available to us all….

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