Online Consultations- my self care tools

Click to find out more about Online Consultations Yesterday was tough for me; I was pulled into the uncertainty and became, hungry anxious, irritable, isolated… I shed some tears(it was very helpful) and after a few calls to my friends and family (they can always make me laugh) I realized that community is just soContinue reading “Online Consultations- my self care tools”

Release and Reset the Shoulder Complex with Eric Franklin

Today Eric Franlin helps us learn how to release the muscles of the shoulder complex and reset the nervous system with movement!

Banishing the Forward Head With Eric Franklin

Check out this wonderful video from Eric Franklin. He reminds us that a forward head posture can cause  headaches and tension on the whole body. These are great tips for everyday office use!

Understanding Your Horses Mouth

The TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) is made up of more than just bones. Muscles, ligaments, and tendons surround the synovial joints (one on each side of the head) and play an important role in the whole function of the horse, including leads, gaits, balance and equilibriumin.  The manible and the temporal bones connect in a capsulatedContinue reading “Understanding Your Horses Mouth”

Tooth ache?

Have you ever had your scalp massaged? Trigger points from the temporalis muscle can cause tooth aches in the upper teeth and pain that fans across the temples. Not only does it feel fantastic to have your head massaged, but your massage therapist can also treat your trigger points!  

Tired eyes?

Meet splenius cervicus. A trigger point or knot in this muscle can leave you with a pain in the neck or tired behind the eyes. For a good stretch tuck your chin slightly and and gently bring the back of the head forward

Arm Pain?

Meet Scalenes, These lovely little guys work hard to lift the ribs during inspiration. Shallow breathing and forward head posture can cause trigger points and referred pain down the arm, into the back and chest! Stretching and belly breathing will help keep these muscles happy.

Foot pain?

Meet gastocnemius, an amazing calf muscle with a tricky referal pattern of pain. It starts above the knee and forms part of the achilles tendon. Keeping the knee straight will help isolate this mucle when sttetching the calf