Day 7- The 3 Brothers

101 Things I have Learned from my Massage Therapist I was really trying to talk about the body from head to toe as i worked through these posts. However, after teaching my patients how to stretch and strengthen gluteus medius every day this week; I realized that the universe has another plan. When i conductContinue reading “Day 7- The 3 Brothers”

Keep Your Heart Happy

Keeping your heart happy can change your mood. It begins with “slouch proofing” your body. Watch this amazing video from Eric Franklin and transform your day!

Banishing the Forward Head With Eric Franklin

Check out this wonderful video from Eric Franklin. He reminds us that a forward head posture can cause  headaches and tension on the whole body. These are great tips for everyday office use!

IT band pain? Maybe not.

IT band inflamatiin and adhesions can be very painful, but the pattern of pain is not always located along the length of this fibrous connective tissue. The pain from an it band issue is most commonly felt at the knee. Trigger points in gluteus medius have a referral of pain that can travel along theContinue reading “IT band pain? Maybe not.”

Carpal tunnel?

There are many muscles that can create a pain pattern similar to carpal tunnel. The burning or aching feeling in the palm and the 3rd digit can sometimes be caused by trigger points in digitorum longus. It is a muscle in the forearm that helps with wrist extension.  Ask your RMT about treatment options.

Back pain?

Ever feel like your back is hurting but you dont know why? Do you have pain in your si joint? Meet quadratus laborum (QL) its a stablizing muscle of the back and core. Trigger points or knots in this muscle can refer into the sacroilliac joint or down into the gluteus maximus. Talk to yourContinue reading “Back pain?”

Tired eyes?

Meet splenius cervicus. A trigger point or knot in this muscle can leave you with a pain in the neck or tired behind the eyes. For a good stretch tuck your chin slightly and and gently bring the back of the head forward

Foot pain?

Meet gastocnemius, an amazing calf muscle with a tricky referal pattern of pain. It starts above the knee and forms part of the achilles tendon. Keeping the knee straight will help isolate this mucle when sttetching the calf