Day 6- H.A.L.T (Hungry Angry Lonely Trapezius)

Trapezius commonly referred to as the traps, are really just hungry for some love. Most of us think of this muscle as the “Hulk”, or a small triangle that runs from the side of our neck to the shoulder. You probably know this muscle well; feel like your walking around with your shoulders hunched upContinue reading “Day 6- H.A.L.T (Hungry Angry Lonely Trapezius)”

Carpal tunnel?

There are many muscles that can create a pain pattern similar to carpal tunnel. The burning or aching feeling in the palm and the 3rd digit can sometimes be caused by trigger points in digitorum longus. It is a muscle in the forearm that helps with wrist extension.  Ask your RMT about treatment options.

Arm Pain?

Meet Scalenes, These lovely little guys work hard to lift the ribs during inspiration. Shallow breathing and forward head posture can cause trigger points and referred pain down the arm, into the back and chest! Stretching and belly breathing will help keep these muscles happy.