Day 7- The 3 Brothers

101 Things I have Learned from my Massage Therapist I was really trying to talk about the body from head to toe as i worked through these posts. However, after teaching my patients how to stretch and strengthen gluteus medius every day this week; I realized that the universe has another plan. When i conductContinue reading “Day 7- The 3 Brothers”

Day 6- H.A.L.T (Hungry Angry Lonely Trapezius)

Trapezius commonly referred to as the traps, are really just hungry for some love. Most of us think of this muscle as the “Hulk”, or a small triangle that runs from the side of our neck to the shoulder. You probably know this muscle well; feel like your walking around with your shoulders hunched upContinue reading “Day 6- H.A.L.T (Hungry Angry Lonely Trapezius)”

101 Things I’ve Learned from my Massage Therapist -Day 1

Happy New Year! Looking back at this past year, I am filled with gratitude for the gifts I have received, gratitude is how I like to start every day.  Scientifically, identifying the things we are grateful for has incredible benefit on the brain, heart and.  The Cortex of our brain will begin to make moreContinue reading “101 Things I’ve Learned from my Massage Therapist -Day 1”