5 Minute Refocus

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I was called to action this week on Social Media. A good friend of mine challenged me to give  a few Tips and Techniques for all the people working from Home. I too have caught myself sitting at the computer for hours this week, research, reading and learning. Somewhere between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours I loose my focus and have to get up and get back into my body. Here are the tools that have helped me re energize and keep my physical body happy!

  1. Close the Computer or turn off the screen. The computer screen emits a light; light has a frequency and our brains have a frequency following response. So we are like moths to the flame. Turn it off and enjoy
  2. Have a drink of water. I just find this so grounding. We have all been told to drink more water “many studies have shown that even mild dehydration affects mood, memory and brain function”. Another tip is something non plastic; for me it is all about the right vessel. Something you like to hold, has a good lip and makes it easy to swallow.
  3. Essential Oils. If you have the tools why not use them! Peppermint, Wild Orange anything citrus actually, have an uplifting and stimulating effect on the brain. We forget just how important smell is;  The olfactory nerves are literally the shortest path to the brain.
  4. A Conscious breath. There are hundreds of ways to take a breath. Some for heating up the body, some for cooling it down, cleaning breath, single nostril breath, open the mouth….Choose one that works for you or use my favourite.     In, pause, out, pause. Close your eyes, Breathe in try letting the air in through the cheek bones and follow the air down the front of your spine all the way to the seat bones; feel for the movement as they move apart from each other. Pause here for 3 seconds. Try not to hold your breath think of stopping it for a moment. Feel all of those sensations. Breath it out with control think of blowing it out through a straw for 3 seconds. Now pause and open your eyes. Take a look around the room and notice something green you haven’t seen in a while…. How does it feel?
  5. Arm Raise. Slide your chair back and make sure you have some room. Bring your arms out to the side keeping the thumb on the top. This protects the supraspinatus muscle.  Raise them in a big arc over your head reaching for the space just beyond your fingertips. When they meet in the middle above your head slowly lower them down and repeat a few times. Avoid anything that hurts we want to keep this pain free. This Range of motion exercise for the shoulder joint(glenohumeral joint) will help to lubricate the joint space. Don’t be afraid if you hear some snap crackle pop it may just be the ligaments sliding over the bone.
  6. Activate the Muscles. With your arms straight out at the side(Thumbs on top) pause here and resist gravity. Feel for the strength and balance in the arms. This can be held for 20 to 30 seconds. Play is always encouraged here. What does it feel like if you rotate your palm up and down? With your palms down can you feel other muscles working? Try pulling your pinkys back in this position; do you get more of a stretch? exhale and relax your arms at the sides.
  7. Stomp the feet. I personally like to do a mini foot massage first…. bring your right ankle up and place it on your left knee or thigh. If this is not possible never fear; using a yoga tune up ball or tennis ball or dog toy to roll out your feet is just as juicy. Sit up straight by lifting the sternum(breastbone) and give those feet some love! When you have finished place both feet on the floor and stomp right then left. Speed it up for some more fun. This really gets the juices flowing. Added benefit here is we are waking up and toning the quadriceps! pause for a moment when it feels good. Just feel into your body. Is it awake? is it Alive?
  8. Cross body pull. This little ditty I picked up from Donna Eden. Squeeze the left trap with the right hand, breathe in. As you exhale drag your hand across your body to the right hip crease. Repeat it on the other side Left hand on the right shoulder and drag it across to the left hip. Repeat this 2 or 3 times. The action of crossing the body physically challenges the motor cortex(your big brain) The brain will follow and the right and the left hemispheres connect and coordinate.
  9. 5 minute dance party! Do what feels good.Some days I just put on  music and have a 5 minute dance party. Best done on a video call with a friend! and highly recommended…

At this point get up walk around take 5. Find something to be grateful for! If you feel like stretching please do! remember that the therapeutic dose for stretching is 2 minutes!


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