Mind Your Mind-Braintapping

Tips and Tools-Meditations for stress

Yesterday I listened to Justin Trudeau give his daily update on Covid 19 I heard alot of things… Some of them gave me reassurance. The one thing that resonated with me was the mention of our mental health. The Stress of not knowing and the grief that is hidden under the inability to choose.

My life line this week has been Patrick Porters Braintap. I am going to be honest and tell you that his voice puts me to sleep in minutes. I actually know I`m a little off balance if I stay awake to the end of the 20 minute meditation.


Dr Tim Houlton at the King City Natural Health Center was the first person to introduce me to the “Braintap” a guided meditation device that uses binural beats, isochronic tones and blue light delivered through a visor and headphones to guide the brain through the different waves. From Beta waves that are high functioning, wide awake or present during stress. Alpha waves are that dreamy place right before you fall asleep or just when you wake up, this is where we are more creative. Theta is the first part of sleep where we often dream and delta is the deep sleep wave, the only time our brain can begin to detox. I chose a meditation on putting future events into perspective. I did wake up as the lights and sounds brought me back into alpha state at the end of the session.. I was happy… I was so happy and i felt like myself again.


check it out here

What tools are you using today Daily? This week? for your mental health?

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