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Yesterday was tough for me; I was pulled into the uncertainty and became, hungry anxious, irritable, isolated… I shed some tears(it was very helpful) and after a few calls to my friends and family (they can always make me laugh) I realized that community is just so important. In the book The Blue Zones, 9 Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest by Dan Buettner community was a common theme to longevity.

My community; They, were able to help me shift from the Emotion to Logic. As took a deep breath i began to squeeze the tops of my shoulders, stretch my forearms, turn my wrists, and pinch the ends of my fingers…. it Felt so good… i was arriving back in my body. I stomped my feet, i thumped my chest, i gently brushed my face with my finger pads…

My Mind began to recall all of the tools i have for self care…. from self massage to stretching, muscle activation techniques, tapping, tracing meridians and more

How are you moving? 

What can i do to help has been the question floating around in my head all week…  I Have all this knowledge in my head and I want to share it… how can i reach out to people and share it? How can we shift from fight or flight to rest and digest?

How have you reached out to your community? what can you do to support them?

After some mediation and brainstorming i was able to find a way to share with my community. I’ve created an page for online consultations. A place where i can help people with their individual massage needs. With 30 minute Live Conference via Zoom, Whatsapp, Facebook we will build a program for you using a visual assessment, a review of your range of motion to create an individual self massage and stretching plan. Check it out here

The giver gets

Service to others is so important at this moment in time. We may be isolated physically but this too shall pass. Imagine what your life would be like if you called 3 people to check and see how they were? How would that feel? How would that change your day? How would it change theirs? How would it change your life?

Peace and Love. M


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