Cold and Flu? My Tool Box

101 Things I’ve Learned From my Massage Therapist- Day 10

I am so grateful and happy to have a little time to spring clean my house, finish paperwork and projects that i have been putting on the shelf, read, walk, plan, create and most of all explore my garden.

What are you grateful for today?

This week my inbox has been flooded with emails and hacks and fear and marketing to improve my immune health. I read through some, laughed at some of them and shook my head at others. However, once my patients started calling to ask about what to make of all this; seeking tools to deal with isolation and immune support, I was called to examine my own tool box.

This is my personal story. I am not a doctor. Make sure you check with the professionals especially if you are taking other medications.

1. Self Massage

As a massage therapist i always have to remember to fill my cup first. When i rise out of bed i open the tool box… some times its a foot massage sometimes i just squeeze the tops of my shoulders. We can hold alot of tension in our arms too. try stretching out the forearms (keeping your elbows straight) while you brush your teeth.

2. Vitamins- D and C

I usually follow the craving, this week i juiced some oranges and began to salivate at the smell. (I usually add a piece of the orange peel due to the limonene), or eat these little sour gems whole.  I also use Clemintine oil from doterra in a pinch.oranges

Soak up the Sun.. There are lots of ways to get Vitamin D. Do your research and find what works best for you or what your health care professional recommend. I prefer getting that sun on my face and day dreaming about a sunny beach!sun bathing

3. Zinc

I started taking Zinc for my hair and nails. Its just one of those trace elements that support healthy immune function. According to the European Journal of Immunology the human body needs zinc to activate T lymphocytes. I use a supplement and look for excipient free brands. The lozenges are also great!  You can get Zinc from food like red meat and shellfish or for my vegan tribe hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, garlic, lentils and chickpeas are also great options!

4. Antioxidents

Pomegranates don’t grow on trees in our yard here in Canada, so look for a good organic pressed juice without added sugar.

Cherry juice is a lovely alternative. I dry the fruit in the summer and keep it through the winters to add to exlixers and tea. If your not a crazy plant lady like me Purium has a great organic tart cherry drink. sourced from Italy. Drinking this drink before bed can help with free radicals and melatonin (the sleepy time hormone) production. click here for the research. 

5. Probiotics

This is a big can of worms to open up. you can do your own research.. I encourage you to look at gut health research as it relates to your immune system. I like to think about it from a few different angles; what am i feeding my good bacteria? Some foods support gut health more than others. If you know me at all you can be sure we are going to give a big shout out to CABBAGE! Its my Polish heart i can’t help it.

What are you eating for your gut health?

Recent Research has pointed up to the idea of changing up our probiotics to get a more robust culture.

5. Most importantly…. how are your stress levels?

Is your Brain a bully? start by turning off the phone radio and tv!

A pillar of health is our emotional and mental state. How do we care for our BRAIN the governing body of our cells?

Breath? Prayer? Meditation? Movement? Yoga? Sleep? Play? Dance? Music? Food?

Yes to all!

The truth is we have so many tools available to us. Its more about our own personal daily practice. But what if you don’t have a practice and you don’t know where to start? there are some great apps, and technology. One of the greatest tools i have in my life and in my daily practice is the BrainTap by Patrick Porter.


We have a wellness room in the Clinic where patients can “reset” and unplug either pre or post treatment or just during a stressful time; it is a quick and easy way to relax, reboot, optimize your brains peek potential.

Lets all have a look at our tool box this week. Lets embrace the idea of what is possible.

Peace and Love. M



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