Rise and Shine; A Morning Ritual

101 Things I’ve Learned from my Massage Therapist-Day 9

As I opened my eyes this morning a smile crossed my face; I wasn’t being pushed by a schedule or the traffic. There was no rush to have a coffee, pack a lunch and get my sheets folded for the day ahead. There was this silence, an ease to my Rising. I though about how happy and grateful I am to be healthy, alive and free.

coffeeMy Alarm goes off at 5 am every day, it is followed by 3 reminders that are set 20 minutes apart on a repeat daily schedule. Sweat, Learn, Gratitude; an exercise i took from the book 5AM Club: Own your Morning. Elevate your Life by Robin Sharma. No matter what I rise and answer this beckon call. This practice allows me to get centred, no matter what mountain of a list i have to climb or the current state of affairs in the world. This is my time and i rarely compromise the joy of it.

After i get into my body its time to break-the-fast. I have this personal rule about the first food past the gait. Something to set the tone for the day. If its sugar, my body will crave this, if its nourishing, i carry this all day. (I mean sometimes the carrot cake from last night calls my name) but this attitude helps me to make a good decision for my cells.

This reminds me of a memory from childhood rising early in the morning before day break to find my dad heating up pork chops in the oven. We sat and ate together in silence as we prepped for our day…

Here are my favourite tools to Rise and Shine.

Sweat- Breathe, A walk, A run, the Gym, Stand anything goes here.

Some mornings I only have time to fold my sheets. As I lift my arms i can feel gravity working helping me to strengthen the deltoids. Some mornings I only have 5 minutes, and I stand up tall and straight and strong; Mountain Pose for some, in this moment i like to feel the Light on The Mountain and often just say Thank you. However; most days i make it to the mat to meet myself. Some may prefer to call this “moan and groan”.

Yoga with Adrienne. This quick little ditty helped my through the first 60 days. (Yes contrary to popular belief it takes 60ish days to form a new habbit or pattern). Today I peruse her site to choose a video; sometimes a long one, sometimes short ditty. There are tones of great videos with clear direction and i like her honesty.

Learn- Be your own teacher.

I love to learn, I always have a book or 2 on the go. Something related to my profession or a skill i would like to apply to my life. Currently I am plowing through a book on Craniosacral Therapy and Donna Edens Energy Medicine-Balancing your bodies Energies for Optimal Health. I have to be honest I usually end up massaging my “Wellsping of Life Points” on the bottoms of my feet.wellsping of life points

Mindvalley is a great learning platform for personal devolpment. The Extraordinary-by-Design quest allows me to examine my life. Based on the 12 area of Life that are highlighted in the “Lifebook” by Jon and Missy Butcher. I use the exercises daily to do some free form writing and it if one of the best resources i have to Rise and Shine.  So I will take a page from Vishen and ask you….

What EXPERIENCES do you want to have? How do you want to GROW? and How will you CONTRIBUTE?458359

code of an extrodinary mind

If you would rather have a teacher there are so many email lists and courses available. Last month I went through a mini course from UDEMY. A Simple Online platform with lots of courses and classes. I brushed up on my meditation facilitation skills. The world is really your oyster. If you are curious i encourage you to follow that desire.

Gratitude- More than a good suggestion

The Science is there. You can have a look at any number of research papers on Pubmed, If your not into scientific language and boring study results just pay attention to the feeling. Think of 1 or 2 or 10 people you really care about. See them with your minds eye. Give thanks for their place and purpose in your life…. How does that feel? if it an expanding feeling or a contracting feeling? For me its a light expanding feeling that permeates all the cells in my body. I hear that when we get really good at this we can start to practice it on people we dont know, dont care for and the entire planet. Play with it… See how it goes… baby steps. When i first began i had a pen and paper and a simple goal to write 5 things i was grateful for each day…

Once i have nourished my body mind and soul. I Nourish my cells!

Breaking the Fast

Everyone has their own ritual for Breaking the Fast (Breakfast). Im not here to tell you anything about nutrition…(however that might be the next course or book i dive into).

I’m using Purium. Good organic products that deliver super clean sustainable energy to my body and cells, boost the immune system, clean out the garbage.

purium am

What is your breakfast ritual?   How will you start you day? What are you grateful for?

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