Fluid Bones

101 Things I’ve learned from my Massage Therapist- Day 8

Imagery is such an amazing tool; as a man thinks so he is. This week I have been writing a presentation for students of massage therapy. I was called to share my gratitude with them. How lucky are we to know the muscles and bones of the body. To understand what is going on physically seems to help reduce my stress response after an injury and  the pain scale. To know where the muscles start and end, what bones they are connected to, understanding fascia and how it can limit movement; are all gifts.  We should revisit the brain is a bully lecture from one of my previous posts. to look at how stress can freeze our response to healing,check out the Scientific Study from PubMed.  You can read about the relationship between stress and healing here. however instead of a scare tactic lets apply a little love to the situation..

emoto water crystals

The first time I watched the water experiment by Masaru Emoto  I burst into tears at the beauty and possibility. The Images are taken from his book “The Hidden Messages in Water”. Take a few minutes to watch it here

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

I heard a guided meditation recently that asked us to breath into our cells; What if we started breathing into the water in our bodies? in our cells? would it move? how would that feel? If our bones were made of water balloons how would it feel to move?

Deane Juhan(1987) , instructor and author or Job’s Body, describes the human body as a water filled balloon. “Our cylinder does not really need an internal skeleton in order to remain upright: in fact, a skeleton could even be suspended inside the cylinder from the top, with out its toes touching the bottom, supported solely by the tension of the pressurized walls of the bag” (pg81)

Eric Frankin also references water one of my favorite pelvic powerhouse exercises is from his book “Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery”. Think of the pelvis as the source of a powerful geyser. can you feel the tensile strength in the bones and the suppleness though the pelvis floor muscles?

Try lifting your arms above your head and feeling water flowing off the scapulae(shoulder blade) and down the back

The shoulder complex is another beautiful place to apply the fluid in our bones. If you have a recent shoulder injury you may want to sit this one out. With your arms at your sides and your thumbs on the top begin to move your arms in an arc until they meet at the top above your head. Around 120 degrees some of us feel a pinch, a restriction a tightness. Now touch your collar bone image it as a fluid instead of a bone. Think of a flowing brook or babbling creek or what about a strong current in a  river; Start at the middle around the breast bone(Sternum) and slide your fingers out over the shoulder and down the arm. Repeat the arm raise. Was it easier? was it more fluid? Play with this exercise it can be really fun. Your body and your bones will thank you.




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