101 Things I’ve Learned from my Massage Therapist Day 2-

Sore neck? Hows your stress?

This article was originally called your brain the bully, basically the brain treats muscle like an annoying little brother. I mean the brain does have millions of important functions to preform every second. So how does stress make your neck sore?

We are negatively charged, and the Brain is always looking out for danger, things that are a risk to our survival. It uses all of the senses to navigate the fight or flight (Stress) and rest or digest (Relaxation) world we live in. Some times the break lights from a car in front of us can send us into a Stress response activating the Sympathetic nervous system. Now what does this have to do with massage…. When the Sympathetic Nervous system fires one of the first ways our bodies respond is to take short breaths. Shallow breathing puts more strain on the muscles of the neck; the scalenes now begin to pull the rib cage to help with breathing. Enter tight neck, enter trigger points that cause headache, enter massage therapist.

Left untreated we begin to have this forward head posture. This is where the kyphotic or hunched back posture begins. So what can we do?

If we activate the muscles and make them a little tired, the brain goes into protective older brother mode and changes the tone of the muscles. This is why exercise can feel so relaxing.

Today i have added a video from one of my favorites Eric Franklin, He has a dynamic approach to the body and some great fixes for the scalenes. watch it here

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