101 Things I’ve Learned from my Massage Therapist -Day 1

Happy New Year!

Looking back at this past year, I am filled with gratitude for the gifts I have received, gratitude is how I like to start every day.  Scientifically, identifying the things we are grateful for has incredible benefit on the brain, heart and.  The Cortex of our brain will begin to make more connections our heart rate will slow down just from giving thanks…isn’t that Amazing.  Today;  and the first day of every year,  I begin a personal quest and start to ask myself, how do i want to grow this year, professionally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

day 1

One of my favorite things about Massage Therapy  is mandatory continuing education. I am asked to keep learning and sharing new modalities, new technologies, and to review the intricacies of the human anatomy;sharing is caring, I understand this makes me sound like a super nerd, and i fully embrace that part of my self! My patients also remind me that sharing is caring. They often show up with note books, and ask, “what are we learning today” or “what are you reading now”.

This Year, as a gift to you, and as a way for me to grow, I would like to share some of the things I am learning.  Just a little snippet that will cause you to look at the human body  in a different way.  I`m not sure how this will take shape over the next year but i am excited and curious about where the path will lead.

So today on this first day of 2020 my question to you is what are you excited to learn about this year?   How do you want to GROW?

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