Monthly Archives: February 2016

Horses need stretching too

Here is a great stretch to target the glutes on your horse. Remember to go slow and start with half a stretch

Bring the back leg up toward the opposite front foot to isolate the gluteals.

Back pain?


Ever feel like your back is hurting but you dont know why? Do you have pain in your si joint?

Meet quadratus laborum (QL) its a stablizing muscle of the back and core. Trigger points or knots in this muscle can refer into the sacroilliac joint or down into the gluteus maximus. Talk to your rmt today!

Tired eyes?

Meet splenius cervicus. A trigger point or knot in this muscle can leave you with a pain in the neck or tired behind the eyes.FB_IMG_1455122441190

For a good stretch tuck your chin slightly and and gently bring the back of the head forward20160210_115727

Arm Pain?

Meet Scalenes,

These lovely little guys work hard to lift the ribs during inspiration. Shallow breathing and forward head posture can cause trigger points and referred pain down the arm, into the back and chest! Stretching and belly breathing will help keep these muscles happy.Scalene trp

Foot pain?

20160203_085841Meet gastocnemius, an amazing calf muscle with a tricky referal pattern of pain. It starts above the knee and forms part of the achilles tendon. Keeping the knee straight will help isolate this mucle when sttetching the calf